OddCameras.com                         The Braun Paxette II (a) M

This model if the Braun Paxette is often referred to as IIa. It has already the raised top of the later Super series, necessary to gain some space for a rangefinder. This camera has an uncoupled rangefinder, first introduced in 1953. The M stands for Meßsucher = rangefinder.

Some pictures:

Camera front. This camera has one of the most desirable lenses, a Roeschlein F:2 50mm Luxon lens.

Camera back.

Camera bottom.

Seen from above. If you look through the viewfinder, you have to turn the rangefinder wheel next to the advance lever until the rangefinder spot meets the image. You can then read the distance from the scale (infinity on the picture) and transfer it to the lens.