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The Graflex Graphic cameras were "the" standard American Press cameras from the late 30s to the 60s. As they are relatively compact and easy to use, they were also widely used for other than press purposes. They kept in production until 1973. The tooling was then sold to Toyo.

This is a Graflex Pacemaker Speed Graphic 4x5 camera. It was manufactured between 1947 and 70. It has a fixed horizontal "Graflok'' type back which accepts standard modern 4x5 film holders and any modern roll-film backs. The Pacemaker Speed has a
rear focal plane shutter with its shutter release and a release for the front shutters. The lens standard offers front rise and shift, a drop bed and it can tilt back. The lensboards are a new design, made of metal.

The Century cameras come standard with a coupled rangefinder, as this one. In 1955 the rangefinder changed completely. It became an integral rangefinder at the top of the camera, even with automatical parallax correction and a focussing beam for focussing in the dark. The focussing and parallax are controlled by rangefinder cams for the different lenses. The framing for the different focals is achieved by masks in front of the viewfinder. The bed has foldable stops, so different focal lenghts can be preset. Century Speed cameras with top rangefinder are not easy to find.

The camera is 22 x 21 x 11.5 cm including finder and grip and weighs 2550 gr. without lens.

Some photos:




Case closed, from all sides. If you try to find out how to open the camera: it's not on top like the others, it's the little bulb on the side next to the handle, near the top.




Open, with standard 127mm lens.

With a 90mm wide angle lens. For the Speed you better choose the old Angulon design, not the Super Angulon with its  big rear element.

The bellows move out quite long.

It's a very nice camera, easy to use. If you own old lenses without shutters, you can use them with this camera. If you don't need a focal plane shutter, you better get a Century Crown and save 500 grs of weight. The Crown is also better with wide angles.