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This is a Holgamods 612 Pan wide landscape camera in 6x12cm format. It's custom made by Randy from Holgamods on the base of a Holga WPC 6x12 pinhole camera. You have to send him a Holga WPC and a large format wide angle lens. As I had the Holga and an old Schneider lens, he made one for me. The 90mm Angulon lens was designed for 9x12cm format, which is near to 4x5 inch format, it's a small and lightweight lens and has an excellent reputation. This one is very old, it's from 1949, lens and shutter still work fine. A page about the Holga WPC you will find here (link opens in a new widow). In most cases the camera is ordered with a rangefinder. In those cases the rangefinder and the lens are calibrated. I don't need one, by a misunderstanding the lens was not calibrated at all, so I did it myself.

Focal length: 90mm
Body: an old Holga WPC
Aperture: 6.8, 8, 11, 16, 22, 32
Shutter: Compur - Rapid, 1/400, !/200, 1/100, 1/50, 1/25, 1/10, 1/5, 1/2, 1, B
Size: 20,2x11x10,5cm
Weight: 460gr.

Camera front. The white markings were made by myself, it's 6m, 3m, 2m, 1.5m and 1m. The camera focusses down to 0.65m. Camera set to 3m hyperfocal.

Camera back, Red window. Remember that it's 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11 to be in the red window.

Camera bottom. Tripod screw.

Right side.

Left side.

Camera top.

Camera interior. This is the original pinhole camera mask. It does not work with a wide angle lens.

This is what you get with the original mask, a negative only 4 cm wide, but full 12 cm width.

Holgamods forgot to cut the mask. You only have to cut the top and the bottom. I got it done myself. This is what it should be.

The camera came with 2 accessory holders, to be glued where you want them. So you can attach a flash, a rangefinder or a light meter.

The conversion is well made, all custom parts are solid and beyond basic 3D printing. Randy installed a viewfinder and even painted the whole camera to give it a matte black finish. Handling is like the WPC. Loading film is easy, you slide the metal bars on each side down and the back comes off. Install the spools as usual, it's all cheap bendable plastic, but it works. Safely engage the film lead and close the back. The according red window is 12 for 6x12. Advance the film via the knob until the number "1" appears in the window. You are now ready for the first photo. Setting speed and aperture depends on your lens.

Having taken your photo you have to advance your film to the next picture. As the film numbering visible in the red window is for 6x6 format and you are using the double (6x12) you have to advance to the next uneven number (1...3...5...7...). DO NOT FORGET THIS. So the last (6th) photo is at "11", and then it's over!

The camera is light and easy to use. As the base is a Holga, it' all plastic. But there are no 6x12 alteratives within this price range. A professional 6x12 camera will cost several thousands. Depending on the lens you chose, this camera can deliver good panoramic results for small money.

Unfortunately my camera does not focus to infinity. I wrote to Randy several times, but he doesn't answer any more. That's bad customer service. Getting the camera made took half a year, much more time than the initial estimation when I ordered it. Please note that the Paypal warranty is expired after 180 days and you have to pay in advance. Randy promised a small refund for not cutting the mask. He did not pay it. So altogether my experience with Holgamads wasn't too good. I will try to work out how the camera could be arranged. 

The close focussing capabilities are superb. My lens, a very old large format lens, shows more vignetting than expected. So here are the first pictures:

F22, 1/100s,
∞. The background is not as sharp as it shoud be. Calais harbour, ferry port.

F22, 1/200s, ∞. At this aperture the background buildings should be sharp. Calais harbour, fishermen's sale stands and Calais Nord in the background.

F8, closest focus, 1/50s. Everything is sharp,  it's
50 to 80 cm. Even the pavement at about 1m is in focus. An old canon at Calais harbour. The lens shows quite some vignetting at F 8.