OddCameras.com                         Jobo Film Loader 2505 + 2501 Spool

This is a very handy accessory for your lab. It lets you load 120 and 135 film on a special spool (RO/Set 2501) in a nearly automatic way. Of course you have to load in the dark of your lab or in a big sleeve. You should at least try once in daylight with old film. I have not seen a manual yet. There are tutorials on YouTube. And yes, you need a 2500 series tank.

Some pictures:

The box.

Whats in the box: loader, 2501 spool and 2 guiding trays for 135 and 120/220 film format. The spool is adaptable, just as the ordinary 2502 spools.

135 film configuration. The guiding tray bends the film a little bit so that it can slde into the spirals of the spool. There is start slot near the core, easy to find in the dark. Push the film leader into the tray and pull it down until it hits the start slot. Then turn cautiously, the film will engage. Put the film canister into the cradle at the end of the guiding tray and turn until all film is out of the canister. Cut and spool the rest. Done.

Slide the black plastic to engage/disengage the spindle.

The spool has a clear and a grey side so that you know which goes where. There are spool with a white and a black side as well. There is only one position where the spool goes into the loader. You can look for it or you turn until it slides in.

You can load a second film onto the spool or you start spooling here if you want to use a rotating processor like the Jobo CPA  and save chemicals. There are 2 orange plastic parts to be pushed inwards. Now you have a new start slot, easy to feel in the dark. Push the film into the slot and wind on.

The start slot for the second film pushed in.

120 film configuration..

If for any reason you have diffiulties to get your film into the spool, this is it. It works like a charm. Jobo doesn't make these anymore, so they became quite expensive. I always wanted one to see it work, so when I came across one for not too much money, I bought it. If you are sent manually, you can roll your film onto a 2501 spool without the loader.

Personally I use ordinary Jobo spools in a sleeve, mainly from the 1000 series because they need less chemicals and I often do semi-stand development. Since I changed to the plastic Jobo spools many many years ago, I have no problens to spool a 120 or 135 film within less than 2 minutes. The only thing is to be sure that the spool is absolutely dry. One drop of water and you film will not glide. That's why I have plenty of spools and let them dry overnight.