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The Linhof Kardan Standard is a entry level 4x5 monorail camera, built from 1972 to 1984. It's made of aluminium and it's very light, the basic structure weighs only 1.9kg (without lens). I used it even for traveling, it's compact and quite sturdy, I used the rail as a handle to carry it around. As it's lightweight, a medium sized tripod is sufficient. It uses Technika lens boards, widely availble. With a retracted lens board you can go down to 47mm. There are only standard bellows. Bigger versions up to 8x10 were also made.

Some photos:


Some mouvements:


There was a compendium available, compact and lightweight as well, very handy.


It takes standard 9x12 (direct positive paper) and 4x5 backs.


This is the original box, note the low production number:


A nice, inexpensive monorail for beginners and even for travel.